Jan 202012
-3rd clinical green goopy dick post, giggles!
4th clinical -vitamins @ soup kitchen Health fair
5th clinical- haircut v. coloring book favors (this is the lady with the grey bob, the one with black iron shit under her fingernails and on her siderail. I clean her up and brush her hair with a tender sadness
6th clinical- vaginal discharge sticking parts (haircut).  No bellybutton= angel / smile.
7th clinical- 2 girls pass out(1 to hosp). have a real walkie talkie Though blind. give meds! help Page W/ raisin who spits up a softball of phlegm
8th clinical- peg tube feed/flush!! cath'd PT, real nursing stuff!! (not LPN shit) even LPN asks why 
9th clinical- PT won't wake up. give up on her and help others. then get her done quick (gettin better)
10th- she wants an evening gown so we can go dancing. all she has is a tattered white sweater with a texture like snow and a pair of tattered blue trousers, thin enough that they could be scrubs, the elastic band was half torn off. We pick her up with a stand lift. She's forgotten all about dancing and sings to me in the shy, frail voice of 
teaching and the shell game (t-cell b-cell)
meeting doppelganger / test prep girl story

ugh... why isn't there enough time in the day? I'll try and do better w/ the storytelling next semester.