Jan 202012

If you’re searching for a fun party snack / drink combo, I would take the time & effort** to shave some Brie and smear it on a fresh loaf of cranberry bread (toss some candied orange in the mix, you won’t be sorry!). Then pour some Peach Bellini’s to wash it down. Repeat until your head’s a bit fuzzy, but don’t plan on getting much farther along unless you’re taking shots of Tito’s in between! I know cause this is what me and the lady drank for New Years, & despite downing near 2 full bottles… well, lets say it wasn’t near enough to deal w/ her family.

Ah! assuming it’s not New Years and you’re not the Peach Bellini type, you might want to try a seasonal Blueberry Ale instead. It’s one of those fun to drink drinks that remind me of whitewater rafting in Maine, & the occasional trip to the firetruck at Becker Farms. Ah, nostalgia…

**psst… it doesn’t actually take any effort if you can find a Boulangerie that makes cranberry bread, ie WEGMANS!